Lobsang Nodup

Vice President Operations

Lobsang’s father, late Amdo Phelgey has been a big motivation and support factor for him. Phelgey la began working as a trader in Tibet at the age of 13. Gradually he began to trade across Tibet and India. Phelgey la started a restaurant business and co-founded Hotel Shangrila in Bangalore, India; and founded Gomang Carpet Manex, Nepal. Lobsang is a serial entrepreneur with engagement in businesses including carpet manufacturing and exports, hospitality, academic certifications, technology, investment company and agro business. 

Lobsang is founding member of organizations like Tibetan Chamber of Commerce, The Corporate Club, Goodweave Foundation and Himalayan Society of Youth and Women Empowerment. Previously he has served as President of regional Domey welfare association, Nepal and President of Tibetan Chamber of Commerce, India. At present Lobsang is advisor at Team Ventures, Nepal; VC of Tibetan people’s representative, Kathmandu, Nepal; VC of Goodweave Internationals’ Standard’s Committee; and board member of Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation. He graduated from North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong with B. Com. and completed an executive course from Harvard Business School. He has taken part in various exhibitions and trade fairs.