Company Profile

ThirdPoleVentureLink Private Limited is the vision of three enterprising Tibetans in New Delhi, India: Thupten Jampa la, Tsewang la, and Lobsang la. What started as a networking group called Business Networking Group (BNG) to facilitate the interaction of business people from all over the world and from various fields soon turned into a company that is geared not just towards business opportunities but also to work towards community development and outreach.

ThirdPole believes in development that looks beyond profit to bring meaningful progress and change to the lives of individual and the community as a whole. Their tagline “Sustainable Development of Society through Collaboration” clearly states the objective of the corporate social responsibility of the company. The company, started by Tibetans who have experienced hardships and struggles in their lives, has become successful on the strength of their hard work and spirit of ingenuity. Their story resonates with people across the world regardless of their religion, nationality, or gender. The company is the actualisation of countless hours of labour, of collaboration among its various members and the desire to help themselves as well as the society they are a part of.

In today’s world, being sustainable is very important given the gradual degradation and overexplotation of our resourses, both man-made and natural. We hope to be part of global network which working towards solving problems of the future and not just securing the present. In such a scenario,we are not only investing in such projects but promoting them through our netwrok of members. One has to also be self-sustainable to realise these goals and become capable of standing on their own two feet to then extend their hands to help others achieve this same self-sutainability. Reliance on government or nonprofits is permissible to a point but to achieve true development and success, we have to be able to take initiatives and develop the capacity to become strong leaders and innovators. This can only be accompalished through a beneficial alliance between thevarious partners involved, ranging from the governmentto civil societies and to private entities. This collaborative and egalitarian business approach, where all the investors share equal responsibility, helps bring companies and communities together. Therefore, the company’s investors are not just seeking profit but are also being responsible citizens of the world by giving financial backing to sustanaible projects.

In order to execute our vision of being a global social impact venture community, all the members, stakeholders, and investors should be committed towards this vision. We look for not just financial investment, but also the investment of your time, knowledge, guidance, expertise, and networking to achieve maximum utility of all our combined resources. It will be only through such a platform that we will be able to realize the goal set by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to make our communities independent, united,and self reliant, and financially security.Our aims are to generate employment, infrastructure growth, and alleviate poverty through our investments. Furthermore, our e-commerce website aspires to deliver expertise to people and further facilitate easy investment as well as tracking and sharing of our investment projects.

As most of our investments are geared towards societies in Himalayan region and Tibetan refugee communities across India, the marginalized sections of our society, it is imperative that those of us who are better placed in this world to use our assets to help others. Unlike banks, our investment seeks a humanitarian development not just private growth. We hope that by 2022, we will be able to garner 1000 investors who share our visions and goals. It is only if we work together like one large human family, to use His Holiness’s words, that will be able to see greater and grander fruits of development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a more sustainable communities around the Himalayan belt and India.

Our Goal

Our goal is to realize the dream of His Holiness to help more community people become millionaires and billionaires.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global social impact making venture company. Tibetan community.

Our Objective

Our objective is to create 1000 potential investors by 2020.